Race Rules


Safety at club races are our major focus. Please make sure you are aware of these rules before registering for a race. A breach of the rules may result in penalty or disqualification.


  1. All members must register prior to race day and must check in at the registration desk before the cut-off time.
  2. All competitors must attend the race briefing prior to the race.
  3. Responsibility to understand the course and all the rules rests with the competitor.
  4. No MP3 players or any other audio devices are to be worn during any leg of the race.


  1. CCTRI swim caps (issued upon membership) MUST be worn
  2. Obey all directions from marshals.
  3. Wetsuits are optional.
  4. Competitors may rest by using the course buoys.
  5. Competitors in difficulty should raise their arm and call for assistance.
  6. Any artificial swim aids eg gloves, paddles, snorkel etc. will only be permitted with the approval of the race director.


  1. Obey all NSW Traffic Laws.
  2. Obey all directions of marshals, police and VRA.
  3. Helmets must be securely fastened on the head before the bike is removed from the rack and
    must remain fastened at all times on the course until the bike is replaced on the rack at the
    completion of the bike course.
  4. Competitors must mount and dismount on the road outside the transition area.
  5. Competitors must give way to any vehicles at all intersections.
  6. Competitors must have their torso covered at all times.
  7. Drafting is cheating and will not be tolerated. Watch the Triathlon Australia video here for explanation and demonstration


  1. Always keep left and obey marshal’s directions.
  2. Competitors may run or walk but may not crawl
  3. Competitors must not run with a bare torso or without shoes.

General Safety (Summerland Point Triathon/Duathlon)

  1. Be aware of the presence of razor shells in Lake Macquarie. The swim entry/exit adjacent to the beach is usually clear. Take care if you stand during the swim course.
  2. Gravel may wash onto the road from some of the driveways on the bike course. Pass these with care.
  3. During the run there are areas where trees send out surface roots. Take care to avoid falling.