Loan Bike

Doing it tough waiting on runners ...

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Coming to you today from the far bike turnaround ...

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Looks like Hamish Longmuir in the lead ...

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So one person racked their bike in the Kids racks TA chasing them down to move it before race start .... any guesses who it could have been 🤔

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All the best to everyone racing club champs today, enjoy your race!!! ...

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CCTRI has received grant funding to purchase a “LOAN BIKE” from Wyong Shire Council.

This bike is for beginners who would like to try a triathlon or duathlon race using a proper race bike.

The club therefore used the grant to purchase a good quality race bike for that purpose.

The bike is a CANNONDALE CAAD8 S8 with a 51cm frame size.

This size bike can be adjusted to suit most young (new) members of the club by seat adjustments only.

It would generally suit a 10 to 18 year old girl or boy, or a young adult.


To borrow the bike, please contact Rob Hekking by the Thursday before each race date, where pick-up can be arranged. Contact Rob on:



To be allowed to borrow the “loan bike” the borrower must comply with the following conditions.

The borrower:

  1. Must be a current financial member of the club.
  2. Must be a beginner triathlete (or duathlete) who would like to try a race bike in a CCTRI Club race.
  3. Must book the bike via the club Secretary and arrange for collection at a mutually convenient date and time about 2 days before the bike will be used.
  4. May use the bike for practice before the race date.
  5. Must return the bike cleaned and in the same condition within 2 days after the race (usually Tuesday afternoon) as arranged with the club Secretary.
  6. May have borrowed the bike no more than once before.

The returned bike must:

  1. Have damaged or unsafe tyres replaced,
  2. Have pumped up tyres, damaged tubes must be repaired before return,
  3. Not have any damage; if the bike has been damaged the borrower must pay for repairs done by Central Coast Cycles, Killarney Vale.
  4. Have all accessories including the cycle computer, the drink cage and the toe-straps intact.